City Limits

'City Limits' is an innovative study to determine Greater London’s use of natural resources. It has been initiated by the Institute of Wastes Management Environment Body, IWM, the Greater London Authority, the Institution of Civil Engineers and Best Foot Forward.  The project is  funded by Biffaward, a multi-million pound environment fund which utilises landfill tax credits donated by Biffa Waste Services.

Data is to be gathered on a wide range of activities including waste production, transport, energy and materials use in the City.  The environmental impacts of these will then be presented as an ecological footprint – a means for measuring and communicating sustainable resource use that will calculate the area of land needed for Greater London to function sustainably.

The results of the study will provide a baseline measure of the City’s environmental impact and present scenarios for improvement. The final report will be produced by July 2002, in time for presentation at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Rio +10).